domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009

Version burnin'UP de Jonas Brothers para new moon

Salio una version dedeBurnin'up, la cancion de los Jonas Brothers ahoar cantada por Thomas Harling y con la letra modificada en son de burla para la pelicula new moon de la saga del crepusculo.
Esta es la letra:
Título: “Moonin’ Up”
VERSE 1Your skin’s hot, mine’s coldYou go around wanting to knowWhat I am, but you don’t [oh wait, you do]I sparkle from head to toes
CHORUSI’m totally the cutest vampi-ahAnd I’m tryin’ keep from bitin’ othersBut will Jacob soon take ovah?We’re moonin’ up, moonin’ up, for you baby
VERSE 2Your smell, a spell castCan’t hold myself backCar peels, helplessAll by yourself, gotta save you from death
BRIDGEWalk in the classroom all I can smell is youOh, you were starin’ me down in the lunchroom

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